The ensemble Cantores Sancti Gregorii was founded in 2013 by Jan Janovcik as an experimental artistic platform for performance of early music.  The ensemble specializes in sacred and religious music with a special focus on Gregorian chant and polyphony inspired therewith. Recognizing the inexhaustible power of inspiration that can be found in beauty and tradition Cantores always strive to present sacred music in its integral liturgical context, its Sitz im Leben, whether that be in a concert or in an actual liturgical celebration.

The ensemble gathers singers who are not afraid to look for beauty at unexpected places, gives space to both careful study and use of historical sources as well as the instinctive and subconscious in improvisation and ornamentation. In the performance of chant and mediaeval and renaissance polyphony, music that was born in violent times, Cantores look for interpretation that is manly and strong, earthy and intense.